Ruby begeter pierdere în greutate

InterRe ACT - Nr. 1

Malocchino, set against witchcraft, Ametist, clar de cristal, Lightning and hailstorm, birthstone, savior form drunkenness.

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Color of memory Violet, thats for remembering, Purpura, culoarea viziunii, a vederii limpezi, Star-crystals scattered across penumbra, hard stars. Culoarea memoriei Who can distinguish darkness from the dark, light from light, violet, pentru aducere-aminte, Subject matter from story line, Cristale stea risipite-n penumbr, stele nestinse. The part from the whole When whole is part of the part and part is all of it?

Cine poate distinge-ntuneric de bezn, lumin de lumin, Subiect de firul povetii, Lonesomeness, Morandi, Cezanne, its all about lonesomeness, partea de-ntreg, And Rothko. Especially Rothko. Cnd ntregu-i parte a prii i partea e totul? Separation from what heals us Beyond painting, beyond art. Morandi, Czanne: totu-i nsingurare. Words and pain, black notes, white notes, i la Rothko. Mai ales la Rothko. Music and landscape; music, landscape and sentence.

Separare de ce ne vindec Gestures from which there is no balm, no intercession.

ruby begeter pierdere în greutate

Cuvinte i culoare, note albe, note negre. Muzic i peisaj; muzic, peisaj, i fraze. Gesturi pentru care nu-i alin, nu-i mijlocire. Generally white, always speechless.

ruby begeter pierdere în greutate

Rothko putea disprea-n oricare din ele. Rothko could choose either one to disappear into.

Pierderea in Greutate, Eliberarea Kilogramelor in Plus, Algoritm de Pierdere a Greutatii

And did. Perchio no spero di tornar giammai, ballatella, in Toscana, Perchio no spero di tornar giammai, ballatetta, in Toscana, Not as we were the first time, Nu ca ntia oar, Not as well ever be again.

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Such snowflakes of memory, they fall nowhere but there. Aa fulgi ai memoriei nicieri nu ning, doar acolo. Absorbed in remembering, we cannot remember Cufundai n amintiri, nu ne putem aminti Exiles anterm, O stiff heart, Imnul exilului, o! Every important act is wordless Fapta nsemnat e fr vorb To slip from the right way, a rtci calea dreapt, To fail, still accomplishes something.

A rata, e totui a-mplini ceva.

ruby begeter pierdere în greutate

Even a good thing remembered, however, is not a good as not S-i aminteti i-un lucru bun, ns, nu-i lucru Remembering at all. Time us the source of all good, Time the engenderer Timpu-i izvor al tot binelui, Of entropy and decay, timpul generator Time the destroyer, our only-begetter and advocate. De entropie i degradare, Timpul distrugtor, printe-al nostru unic i avocat.

For instance, my fingernail, So pink, so amplified, De pild, unghia mea, In the half-dark, for instance, aa roz i exagerat These force-fed dogwood blossoms, green-leafed, defused, De semi-ntuneric, de pild, Limp on their long branches.

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  3. Ioan Rosca a fost retinut about 24 de ore, martorii si Marian Lucian Rosca, around 10 ore.
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Aceste flori pierdere în greutate comerciant joes snger hrnite forat printre frunze verzi, dezamorsate, blegi pe crengile lungi. Stone, say a little prayer for me, Grackles and jay in the black gum, Sf. Piatr, roag-te pentru mine un pic, Drowse of the peony head, mierle i gaie-n negrul tupelo, Dandelion globes luminous in the last light, more work to be Picoteal a bujorului, Done Globi luminoi de ppdie n lumina ultim, mult mai e de fcut Traducere de MARGENTO 12 13 As I read these poems I couldnt quite is, how it goes on the nerve alone, how decide if Bucharest brought Martin it shouts Lets them call police!

Let them Woodside to a new kind of poetics or if call off the dog!

ruby begeter pierdere în greutate

Let the doorbell keep Martin Woodside found a new way of ringing. And while the wet birds ruby begeter pierdere în greutate over seeing that Eastern European sensibility roofs, and the glacial sun opens up our in his verse. But either way, the result ruby begeter pierdere în greutate, the book of the city becomes the is stunning a book that journeys into book of the body, the Eros of my hand on the heart of the other and finds there your hips, so a curtain can pull fast over its own clarities.

Woodside is the both ways. This book is a beautiful girls who say that we are ugly which debut, and this poet who already proved they say in Romanian. Slabeste foarte repede if men bring himself a brilliant translator of contemporary home flowers from the market they are Romanian poetry arrives here not as a new held facing downwards.

And if there is a voice but as a voice that is already fully revolution, it is half-finished. I love how alive Woodsides geography Ilya Kaminsky 14 Martin Woodside Poems from The River Goes Two Ways Poeme din volumul The River Goes Two Ways headlines jut out like a broken bone titluri de tiri se iesc ca un os rupt through the thigh, explaining how the killer prin coaps, explicnd cum criminalul Killer of Mice Ucigaul de oareci kept a shrine to dark forces increasingly i fcuse-un sanctuar al forelor ntunecate tot mai isolated, a loner, of course, and reports retras, un singuratic, bineneles, dar s-au depus Dead on the floor a mouse in the morning Dimineaa mort pe podea un oarece had been filed, the community watched note informative, comunitatea veghea feet sticking straight up.

InterRe ACT - Nr. 1

Overheard cu picioarele-n sus. Auzi him ruby begeter pierdere în greutate slowly away. The Best Defense Cea mai bun aprare Once you said that. Ai spus asta odat. Spent diesel splashed across pictured windows Reziduuri de motorin mprocate pe vitralii.